The association

The association
Founded by patients, the association aims to create a network of people with diseases recognized as likely to respond favorably to the use of cannabis and making use of it.


The cannabis case remains a closed topic in France and our voice needs to be heard. It has become unacceptable for us to remain docile patients and accept conventional medical treatments without considering other options.

Freedom about treatment choice

We are responsible patients who require cannabis and do not wish to become criminals and purchase cannabis on the black market with all the associated risks.

Many patients now grow their own supply, however, this still leaves us open to prosecution and imprisonment, despite us causing no harm to others.

The result is that sick people can receive a suspended sentence or jail. In both cases there is a fine.

This situation is unacceptable. We are asking for easier access to existing treatments and if the medical diagnosis can be proven, that patients be allowed to cultivate a small number of plants for their own medical use.

Our objectives

1). To inform and educate the authorities and the general public about cannabis use, cannabinoids and their recognized therapeutic use.

2). To support individual or collective initiatives aimed at changing the legal framework and administrative practices governing the use, distribution, import and production of cannabis-based and cannabinoid therapeutic use.

3). To facilitate the exchange of information between doctors and patients.

4). To co-operate with other organizations sharing similar objectives to ours and facilitate coordination at national and European level.

5). To dispute that cannabis needs to be used in a smokable form, the association promotes other forms of use: spray, ingestion and sublingual patches.

The association is supported by health professionals and activists associations.