Marijuana like you’ve never seen it before

What’s next for medical marijuana? Hint: it doesn’t involve a match, pipe or rolling papers. Some of it doesn’t even get you high.

In Steve Kroft’s 60 Minutes story this week, we saw how Colorado has capitalized, literally, on its medical cannabis program. We also saw how the state has become fertile ground for a marketplace of unconventional marijuana products to flourish. And we’re not just talking about pot brownies.


Sodas, peanut butter sandwiches, truffles, breath sprays, skin ointments — almost anything can be infused with marijuana, and in Colorado, entrepreneurs are developing all manner of new pot-infused product lines. These products are a far cry from the dorm-room stash of weed in a plastic baggy, and some of them deliver the medical benefits of the drug without the high.

In the above video, 60 Minutes Overtime sat down with 60 Minutes producer Frank Devine to learn more about the strange new world of non-smokable marijuana.

What do you think of these new pot products? Would you drink a pot-infused soda or eat a pot-infused truffle if marijuana were legalized in your state? Are marijuana-infused edibles the commercial future of pot?

Source : cbsnews

Auteur: Philippe Sérié

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